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The new Blayze Group brand

Over the past year or so, we’ve witnessed some amazing feats as a business in the shadow of immense uncertainty. From our employees working tirelessly from their homes, to supporting charities and businesses throughout the pandemic, we are no longer wondering what the future of our work will look like, we’re living it every day. We’ve adapted to the progressive, agile ways of working to thrive as a company and to maintain our commitment to our employees, our candidates and our client partners. That commitment is to remain dedicated to constant innovation in our products, services and organisation.

With this in mind, it’s with great excitement that Blayze Group announces its new brand identity!

Despite recent times, we’ve been constantly evolving as a company and have been carefully considering how we can develop a more concrete sense of what our business represents. So, to better reflect our long-term ambitions and to continue to be a forward-thinking business, it was clear that our …