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What can we learn about Leadership from Pandemic Parenting?

Throughout the past 18 months or so, many working parents have had to become teachers, entertainers, chefs and more all while sustaining performance in their professional roles. Often outnumbered by the number of tasks and children, it would be easy to understand how such a situation could be overwhelming. Yet, did this unique set of circumstances help to define leadership skills that can be transferred to the office? This article looks at the ways in which balancing parenting and professionalism has influenced the general Leadership abilities of Pandemic Parents.


Managing diverse teams

Parents of multiple children had to learn very quickly that not everyone can be managed in the same way. The work-from-home situation allowed parents to see the differences between their children in a way they might not have noticed before. Becoming teachers illustrated differences in learning styles, attention abilities, motivations and reactions to feedback. As such, it was vital to adapt and …


The new Blayze Group brand

Over the past year or so, we’ve witnessed some amazing feats as a business in the shadow of immense uncertainty. From …