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Blayze Search is our International Executive Search and Assessment team. Our trained experts work within the built environment.

Our Executive Search team is extremely well-connected. We have access to global talent pools and networks that allow us to source high quality talent from anywhere in the world. Our highly consultative approach ensures the best possible results for our partners. As with all Blayze Group services, we go above and beyond traditional recruitment processes. Blayze Vantage extends our support beyond an employee’s start date.

Our process


Blayze Search helps organisations source the best people, build high-performing teams and generate value for shareholders through exceptional talent. We have access to a global network of world-class leaders in your market. We’ll find the ultimate match for your organisation and its culture.





Blayze Search will work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your situation and organisation to help to define the search criteria. Then we have a better understanding of where to find top-quality, compatible talent.





Once we’ve defined your specific criteria, we will develop a pool of ideal candidates from our international network and industry relationships. Our team will take them through a process of qualification to identify a highly customised list of candidates with the greatest potential.





Blayze Search will then present the best possible prospects and help navigate any further interviews, offers and onboarding. We stay by your side after selection to offer any form of support and guidance to meet your organisation’s needs exactly.

Trusted advisors

Trusted advisors

Blayze Group is trusted by some of the world’s leading organisations to find exceptional talent, empower their workforces and develop leaders through data-driven, sustainable talent strategies.

Blayze vantage

Talent to transform

Blayze Vantage adds value for organisations beyond hiring, by implementing employee development initiatives and enabling successful management strategies. By spearheading the entire process, our experts ensure best possible results in a trusted, consultative approach. Each scientific solution is tailored to your organisation’s unique culture to ensure your workforce feel empowered now and for the long term.


"As a Housing Association Developer, our requirements for staff neither fit the standard roles as required by residential developers or contractors. Lauren listened very carefully to our specific needs and goals. They proposed candidates that have been entirely suitable and in the last year, we have managed to recruit the correct team to take the organisation forward. We have received excellent service, which I shall no hesitation of using again in the future."
clientJ. Coveney
Head of Design and Technical

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