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The new Blayze Group brand

Over the past year or so, we’ve witnessed some amazing feats as a business in the shadow of immense uncertainty. From our employees working tirelessly from their homes, to supporting charities and businesses throughout the pandemic, we are no longer wondering what the future of our work will look like, we’re living it every day. We’ve adapted to the progressive, agile ways of working to thrive as a company and to maintain our commitment to our employees, our candidates and our client partners. That commitment is to remain dedicated to constant innovation in our products, services and organisation.

With this in mind, it’s with great excitement that Blayze Group announces its new brand identity!

Despite recent times, we’ve been constantly evolving as a company and have been carefully considering how we can develop a more concrete sense of what our business represents. So, to better reflect our long-term ambitions and to continue to be a forward-thinking business, it was clear that our brand identity needed to be more refined, clearly expressing our value and professionalism.

You’ll begin to experience the new Blayze brand from today, including our new logo, new website, colour scheme, typography, and more. These improvements were made to better align ourselves with the value we offer our partners. Our new identity is an affirmation of our goal to provide intelligent solutions that improve careers and promote long-term success for the organisations we partner with.


A closer look at our new brand

A fresh perspective of our logo and brand

We worked with industry-leading creatives to develop an iconic brand mark that adapts to the ever-increasing and varied digital channels. The stark difference in style and colouring is reflective of the vast change our organization has been through over the last 20 years. The new minimalistic look and feel presents a simplified and much more refined business that understands its customers, products, and ambitions.

Our refined colour scheme mirrors our improved focus as a business. We have streamlined our product and service offering to offer our clients and candidates a more efficient and effective experience when partnering with Blayze.

Refinement is a theme throughout our new brand. Our graphics and artistic elements are clean and minimal, designed to reflect our brandmark and our premium services.







Our strapline

Knowledge of people. A simple way to express our differentiating factor. Our internal teams, talent and products are designed to offer our candidates and clients, unrivalled insight from our decades of experience working with people and talent processes within the built environment. We develop and sustain long-term relationships that delve deeper and go further. Because when it comes to working with transformational talent and empowering workers, we’re at your side and on your side. Now, and for the long-term.

 Our new website

Our new website makes it easier for candidates to find exciting roles and for businesses to discover how Blayze can support them and their talent strategies. From Blayze Search, sourcing specific, world-class talent, to Vantage Club, providing a powerful program of development opportunities – everything Blayze offers is there to discover.

Our intuitive job search functionality allows job seekers to find roles that excite them. Roles can be filtered by sector, job title, salary, location and more, making it easier to find that perfect opportunity. Applying on the website will alert our expert consultants who are always ready to help guide you through the process.


Although our visual brand, tone of voice and website are the cornerstones of our identity, our brand goes much deeper. We explored what it truly meant to be a candidate, client or employee working with Blayze and how our values ensured that we were supporting each parties best interests, helping them achieve their goals. Because, ultimately, this is our goal. To help every person who works with or for Blayze, express themselves fully and achieve success. Explore our website to learn more about Blayze or perhaps even find your next role!

For more information on the new Blayze Group brand, or anything else feel free to email info@blayzegroup.co.uk.

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