Wellbeing Week at Blayze Group

Workplace stress is on the rise; you are likely to feel 20% more stressed at work than three decades ago. With startling statistics like this, prioritising wellbeing is more important than ever before.

The season of wellbeing weeks is upon us and, previously, we’ve looked in why it’s such an important marker for your calendar, including our Head of Business Psychology talking us through the four pillars of wellbeing.  

It turns out ‘workplace wellbeing’ is attracting attention on a national scale too. The government has released a ‘workplace wellbeing tool’; essentially a calculator to determine how much your business spends as a result of drops in employee wellbeing, from sick leave to staff turnover. Then, it analyses the cost of bringing in measures to promote wellbeing – it proves every time that investing in wellbeing saves money in the long run.

But let’s look in more detail at Blayze Group’s Wellbeing Week – what did we do to take part?

“Wellbeing Week is a fantastic initiative to bring wellbeing (in all its forms) to the forefront of our minds. It provides the space to trial new and exciting ideas in your workplace and assess the impact it can have. At Blayze Group, we have definitely learnt some fascinating truths about what benefits our employees most, and we look forward to bringing them in as permanent measures.” – Shannon Jewell, Head of Business Performance.

Wellbeing Week – What Could You Do?

Mind – Mindfulness – Ensure that your employees are making time for some headspace throughout their working day. Perhaps bring in an instructor from Mind to teach your staff how to operate mindfulness? Or encourage your employees to take time out of their busy day for other reasons – why not turn your meeting into a ‘walking meeting’ whilst the weather holds up?

We’re fortunate enough to have the Light Centre (a health and wellbeing centre) in the basement of our London office. Throughout Wellbeing Week, we took part in the various classes and therapies they offer, from yoga classes and pilates, to messages and reflexology. Although we chose to take this step, it can also be simpler than this – we also opened up one of our meeting rooms for anyone to book for some quiet, undisturbed time.

Physical – Run Club fulfilling the ‘Body’ part of our wellbeing criteria, a lunchtime or evening running club is a completely free and low-fuss way to encourage your employees to regularly exercise. “No time” is the most common excuse for not exercising, which is usually completely valid, but building exercise into an employee’s day at work removes this barrier. Plus, exercising as a group builds familiarity and a sense of ‘team’. Don’t believe us? Read our article on why every office needs a sports team.

At Blayze Group, we regularly operate a run club. Taking this further, in Wellbeing Week, the employee who runs most will be given a free month at Third Space – our local gym. Likewise, we provided free classes at Third Space throughout Wellbeing Week with a complimentary natural fitness food shake afterwards.

Body – Healthy Nutrition – What if your office introduced a weekly fruit basket? Or arrange a discount with a local healthy lunch spot? Small, low-cost changes such as these are exactly what’s needed to promote a healthy diet in the workplace.

During Wellbeing Week, we at Blayze Group offered our employees free breakfasts, smoothies, fruits, vitamin supplements and other healthy snacks. Likewise, on Thursday, lunch was provided by the local, healthy food outlet local to each office and on Friday, there was even an avocado breakfast bar!

Workplace – Recognition – Finding creative ways to reflect on the week or month gone by is a fantastic way to meet this Workplace criteria. This provides the opportunity for staff to recognise the role they’ve had in adding to that ‘bigger picture’, plus it’s an avenue for sounding out any concerns employees may have and ensuring they’re addressed.

Not just during Wellbeing Week, Blayze Group hosts month-end wrap-ups to celebrate past achievements and to focus gaze at the month approaching. Additionally, we operate ‘Early Finish Fridays’ for employees who meet their weekly targets – they can leave the office at 3pm!

Here at Blayze Group recently introduced ‘The Hive’. The idea behind it is simple; we’ll spend an average of 90,000 hours at work in our lifetimes – it’s essential for work to inspire, challenge and make us happy. The Hive creates a two-way avenue for business communication which means real action comes out of employee suggestions. For example, it was fed back to have a holiday incentive for company longevity; we have now introduced a structure where holiday days increase with years spent at the company.

Why is Wellbeing Week so important? Read why we think so here.

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