International Women’s Day; Journey of a working Mum…

As an ambitious Mum, Blayze Group has given me the opportunity to progress, learn and most importantly, the flexibility to balance success at work and a happy family life.

Pregnant, with an appetite for Pain Au Chocolates and a career, I walked into Blayze six years ago when we were just eight people. Harvey Gretton, Founder of Blayze Group, has supported, encouraged and motivated me to allow me to realise my full potential.

Today, I sit on the senior management team and have supported the growth of the business to 40+ people across two offices. As a result of my experience, I have established ‘The Hive’ which is an opportunity for employees to contribute their thoughts and ideas and drive positive change around employee-based issues. We discuss and implement change on a range of topics including, wellbeing, incentives and benefits, business culture and staff events.

Blayze Group is proud to have 55/45 split of the male and female workforce, with a 50/50 split across our leadership team. As a business, our purpose is to lead by example in all areas, including how to motivate and empower our staff by ensuring that we listen and give equal value – not because you’re male or female, but because you are an individual.

Blayze Group enables me to be successful whilst also giving me empathy and flexibility to be a present Mum!

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Hayleigh Saunders

Talent Acquisition and Training Manager