5 Podcasts Essential To Every Business Leader

With people wanting more from their commute than just a scroll through social media, it’s under no question that 2018 was the year that podcasts boomed; whether it was the film fan captivated by Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s musings, or the whole nation shedding a tear to ‘You, Me and the Big C’, the entire country is hooked.

Whether you’re a business leader or not, we’ve handpicked our five favourite career and news-based podcasts to help transform your life.

 ‘Today In Focus’

Keeping up with the news can be hard, but this is where The Guardian’s daily podcast presented by Anushka Asthana steps in to take the reins. You no longer need to spend hours poring over the news to get up to speed; say goodbye to the usual news rundown which consists of large amounts of items with little detail. ‘Today In Focus’ selects one specific topic and dives in deep. Asthana interviews experts in that field, handpicked from The Guardian’s reporter pool and post-production adds clips from actual news reports.

Topics have included ‘Is there a Democrat who can oust Donald Trump?’ to ‘Deadly air: driving a rickshaw in Delhi’. We promise this podcast will leave you feeling more in tune with the world around you, perfect for getting your brain set for the day ahead and providing you context of the daily news story.

‘Women in Business’

Sponsored by Natwest, this podcast champions its own title; ‘Women in Business’ which was originally hosted by June Sarpong MBE, a TV broadcaster. Sarpong followed the story of an emerging entrepreneur, exploring the ups and downs, as well as hearing advice from guest mentors in a range of areas.

For the past few episodes, Mary Portas has taken over the series to take a more general look at business, but always specific to issues that are seen as affecting UK business leaders most. You can listen to whichever half of this podcast, just by scrolling back in time.

We’ve found Natwest’s podcast project to contain valuable advice for any business leader that’s not just black and white; ‘Women in Business’ explores the feelings of business, an addition you don’t often hear on a business-based podcast.

‘How I Built This’

Presented by renowned American broadcaster, Guy Raz, ‘How I Built This’ dives into the stories behind household names. From the burger chain ‘Five Guys’ to the giant that revolutionised the holiday experience, Airbnb, Raz sits face-to-face with its founder and unpicks the story for the listener. Extremely popular among its band of dedicated followers, Raz has even hosted live recordings, such as with ‘Glossier’s’ Emily Weiss.

‘How I Built This’ made this shortlist for its celebration of “innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists”; we guarantee this will inspire you to start the day with a hard-working mindset of which Raz and all his guests would approve. Plus, with all the insight of the giants of the entrepreneurial industry, what better tool to have at your side for a day in the office?

 ‘FT Banking Weekly’ / ‘FT Alphachat’ / ‘FT Tech Tonic’

Anything by the Financial Times makes helpful hearing! FT are deemed as trendsetters in the podcast industry, and in fact, they’ve had their podcast for 10 years. In 2015 (before the true buzz of podcasting began), they were racking up 45 million downloads, which even by the current standards is massive. But they’re far from being dinosaurs of the podcast industry, the plethora of Financial Times podcasts have consistently stayed high in the charts.

Perfect as an accompaniment to the traditional Financial Times or as an occasional replacement, the FT’s podcast offering is a commute must.

‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’

Our final podcast suggestion is a unique one; ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’ is on a crusade to “make work better”. This podcast’s goal is as simple as that and, as well as being entertaining, this podcast is just plain important. Separating itself from other workplace podcasts, host Bruce Daisley approaches improving work as a science. To help him in his research, Daisley invites on a scientist or expert with a particular topic to discuss; previous topics include ‘how painting the walls pink changed a culture’ and ‘bringing purpose and autonomy to work’.

Daisley also showcases specific jobs and what even those outside of said job can learn from them, such as the police force (‘life in a high stress job’) and being a Junior Doctor (renowned author of ‘This Is Going To Hurt’ Adam Kay featured here). ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat’ is a fountain of innovative ideas and bold suggestions to invigorate any business leader’s approach with each weekly episode.