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Blayze Leadership Consulting

Part of the Blayze Group

79% of Business and HR Leaders worldwide believe that they have a problem with retention. Here at Blayze Leadership Consulting we have helped our clients drop attrition rates by 10%.

Our ethos

Talent development. It’s one of the most powerful tools a business can invest in as it leads to lower attrition, higher performance and increased profits (just to name a few). Less than 10% of leaders today have the right skills to lead successful transformational change. Clearly, getting it right isn’t easy.

By looking at the science behind recruitment and retention, our approach ensures that the right people are matched to the right roles in the right businesses. We help them (and businesses) to achieve their full potential; we make every hire count.

In a world where every employee costs a business six to nine months of their salary to replace, there has never been a better time to put better practices into place and put yourselves ahead of the curve in your market.

Our bespoke and innovative solutions, from internal training to deeper dive Leadership Programmes, can help you to ultimately transform your business.  All our services are developed alongside our in-house Chartered Psychologist, and with our knowledge rooted within science, we can guarantee strategic advantage through our in-depth understanding of both your organisation culture and calibre of candidates.

What Makes Us Different?

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. We enable companies to make better decisions when hiring and developing staff, which drives better commercial outcomes.

  1. Science Based – Through using the science of talent development and sustainable recruitment, our solutions are grounded in validated research. Even when we are breaking new ground, we build our solutions with a scientific approach in order to ensure that our tools provide data-driven insights and act as an agent of change for your company.
  2. Bespoke – We’re not an off-the-shelf service that promise a quick fix; we take the time up front to really get to know you. Every single one of our solutions are highly customised to the context of your business. We delve into your competencies and values in detail to deliver a programme which is completely bespoke and unique to you.
  3. Embedded – It’s all in the follow up. From improving hiring efficiency, to developing your future leaders. We won’t be waving goodbye as soon as the initiatives have been implemented. Our programmes are designed to be sustainable and lasting and we will continue to work with you throughout this process of transformation.
  • Harvey Gretton Managing Director Harvey is the founder of Blayze Group and has over 20 years' recruitment and employee development experience. He specialises in senior management recruitment and talent academies. t: 0207 337 7500
  • Richard Ogden Chartered Psychologist Richard is instrumental in ensuring Blayze Group's Talent Development and Academy Programmes are tailored to each business's requirements to ensure we are at the forefront of the latest developments in the market. t: 02073377500
  • Chris Heaslop Head of Talent Consulting Chris is a Business Psychologist with over 10 years of industry and consulting experience. His areas of expertise include leadership assessment & development, talent management frameworks and coaching. t: 0207 337 7500
  • Jessica Foad Talent Consultant Jessica holds a first-class degree in Psychology and manages our programmes through every stage, from design to delivery, to ensure it is tailored to the specific needs of your company. t: 0207 337 7500

Meet the Blayze Leadership Consulting Team

Our team of experts create bespoke solutions for our partner businesses. Regardless of these requirements, our team will still effectively manage the entire life-cycle of the programme from initial design to successful onboarding to guarantee a positive outcome for your company.

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